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The Leafscan 45 is a film scanner for digitizing color and b&w 35mm, 2 & 4x5 negatives and slides. The award-winning scanner delivers color purity, wide dynamic range and image resolution that only drum scanners have been able to provide in the past. The scanner provides the highest dynamic range of any desktop scanner, reproducing the finest gradations within shadows and highlights without artifacts. The scanner can scan at a whopping 5,080 dpi with an optical density of 3.7.Leafscanners continue to be the workhorse scanners of many newspapers. Commercial photographers have known for years that their Leafscans are crisp and clean. 

The scanner connects to MAC via SCSI connection and a PC via GPIB ONLY  (General Purpose Interface Bus).  There was no driver SCSI written for Windows.  

SPECS: 110 volt  2/1 amps at 50/60 hertz. The unit is BIG 17in wide x 18 in deep x 27 in tall. Weight is 85 lbs. It comes with Leafscan 35/45 Plug-in software version 2.2 for MAC and Windows. Manual and film carriers for 35mm, 2 and 4x5 are also included.. It has been reconditioned with a new bulb and works perfectly. I will offer a 6 month repair and return guarantee. 

The scanners are no longer produced. Parts and service are still available through  and  They sold for over $15,000 when

Pricing : $1,200  + shipping


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LeafScan 45 SCSI  LS-45SC $1,200
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